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Tradocaps Cap Sale Review

 Seed Sale

Crypto Markets are highly volatile and needs exclusive expertise to trade crypto assets and new investors end up getting stuck and suffer deep loss. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is building a secure, useful, & easy-to-use platform for smart traders and investors using smart contracts. It will provide easy-to-use, secured platform to Traders, Investors and Business Entities for Smart Trading Experience.

At the end, Our aim is to integrate all smart traders, investors, and crypto assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem via smart contracts, which will make trading experience truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

What is Tradocaps?

Tradocaps is an ecosystem of various tools and platforms coming together to bridge gap between Smart Traders and Investors. TradoCaps is a DeFi platform for the future of trading that makes crypto trading accessible for every segment of users.

It is a decentralized smart investment and trading platform that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for Synthetic token allocation and fully automated trading. It eliminates the risks of transferring digital/hardware wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party. Most importantly, Tradocaps Platform connects successful smart traders and investors in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both parties.

TradoCaps ecosystem has two primary Products i.e. Smart Trader Synthetic Token Launchpad and Tradocaps Smart Investment Platform

Smart Trader Synthetic Token Launchpad : We will provide the ecosystem to launch the Synthetic Tokens over the Tradocaps Platform. Synthetic tokens are collateral-backed tokens whose value fluctuates depending on the token’s reference index. Every Smart Trader on-boarded on Tradocaps Platform has their own dedicated Synthetic Token assigned which is 100% Collateral backed.

TradoCaps Smart Investment Platform : Tradocaps will provide a easy to use, secured platform to Smart Investors, from where they can select the Smart Trader from the Pool of traders based on their rating and performance. In order to allow Smart Trader to trade their assets without providing access to their actual funds, Smart Investor will buy Smart Traders represented Synthetic Token which is 100% Collateral backed locked on Smart Contract. Now Smart Trader will get the equivalent amount of funds to trade in their respective trade only access wallet. All the profits earned by Smart Trader will be reflected on the Dashboard of their respective synthetic token whose value will appreciate as the Portfolio size increases. Every Smart Trader Wallet has a profit cap, once that is hit, all the profits will be distributed among 3 parties, Smart Trader, Smart Investor and Tradocaps Holders based on percentages set by Smart Trader while generating Synthetic Token.

Sit Back & Relax, Let the Passive Income Flow

Tradocaps will have plenty of Passive Income Revenue Streams for the TADOC Holders. Some of them are mentioned below:

Reflections : 1% of each transaction will be redistributed among all Tradocaps holders, which means you can earn money just by holding TADOC Token in your wallet.

Profit Cap Airdrops : Tradocaps Holders will receive regular airdrops whenever Profit Cap of every Smart Trader is reached and their profits are distributed.

Staking Rewards : Users can stake their Tradocaps tokens and earn 1% Staking Rewards every week with total weekly reward capped at 100K Tradocaps.

This is not limited, more the Social Traders are on-boarded on Platform, more quickly the holders will get rewards

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V.E.R) ~ Ron da Error (2021) Pelicula Completa Online 1080p En Español Latino

V.E.R) ~ Ron da Error (2021) Pelicula Completa Online En Español Latino. Repelis ver~ Ron da Error [2021] Pelicula completa hd.720p sub espanol gratis, Ron da Error Pelicula, Ron da Error ver online gnula, Ron da Error (2021) descargar película completa en español


22 de octubre de 2021 en cines / 1h 47min / Animación, Familia, Aventura, Ciencia ficción
Dirigida por Sarah Smith, Jean-Philippe Vine , Octavio E. Rodriguez
Guion Peter Baynham, Sarah Smith
Reparto Jack Dylan Grazer, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms
Título original Ron's Gone Wrong

Countries : USA/Spain Languages : EN/Espanol

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En un futuro cercano, la tecnología está integrada en el día a día, los robots caminan, hablan y se conectan digitalmente, convirtiéndose en los nuevos mejores amigos de los niños. Un día ese patrón se rompe cuando un niño, cuya familia no puede costearse un robot nuevo, se encuentra con un robot dañado con solo un 5% de funcionalidad. Desde ese momento, el niño intentará hacer todo lo posible para hacer funcionar al robot, naciendo entre ambos un vínculo que les llevará a descubrir el verdadero significado de la amistad en un mundo de algoritmos y redes sociales.

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❍❍❍ Definition and Definition of Film / Movie ❍❍❍

While the players who play a role in the film are referred to as actors (men) or actresses (women). There is also the term extras that are used as supporting characters with few roles in the film. This is different from the main actors who have bigger and more roles. Being an actor and an actress must be demanded to have good acting talent, which is in accordance with the theme of the film he is starring in. In certain scenes, the actor’s role can be replaced by a stuntman or a stuntman. The existence of a stuntman is important to replace the actors doing scenes that are difficult and extreme, which are usually found in action action films.

Films can also be used to convey certain messages from the filmmaker. Some industries also use film to convey and represent their symbols and culture. Filmmaking is also a form of expression, thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings and moods of a human being visualized in film. The film itself is mostly a fiction, although some are based on fact true stories or based on a true story.

There are also documentaries with original and real pictures, or biographical films that tell the story of a character. There are many other popular genre films, ranging from action films, horror films, comedy films, romantic films, fantasy films, thriller films, drama films, science fiction films, crime films, documentaries and others.

That’s a little information about the definition of film or movie. The information was quoted from various sources and references. Hope it can be useful.

❍❍❍ TV MOVIE ❍❍❍

The first national color broadcast (the 1954 Tournament of Roses Parade) in the US occurred on January 1, 1954. During the following ten years most network broadcasts, and nearly all local programming, continued to be in black-and-white. A color transition was announced for the fall of 1965, during which over half of all network prime-time programming would be broadcast in color. The first all-color prime-time season came just one year later. In 19402, the last holdout among daytime network shows converted to color, resulting in the first completely all-color network season.

❍❍❍ Formats and Genres ❍❍❍

See also: List of genres § Film and television formats and genres

Television shows are more varied than most other forms of media due to the wide variety of formats and genres that can be presented. A show may be fictional (as in comedies and dramas), or non-fictional (as in documentary, news, and reality television). It may be topical (as in the case of a local newscast and some made-for-television films), or historical (as in the case of many documentaries and fictional MOVIE). They could be primarily instructional or educational, or entertaining as is the case in situation comedy and game shows.[citation needed]

In 2022, it was reported that television was growing into a larger component of major media companies’ revenues than film.[5] Some also noted the increase in quality of some television programs. In 2022, Academy-Award-winning film director Steven Soderbergh, commenting on ambiguity and complexity of character and narrative, stated: “I think those qualities are now being seen on television and that people who want to see stories that have those kinds of qualities are watching television.

❍❍❍ Thank’s For All And Happy Watching❍❍❍

Find all the movies that you can stream online, including those that were screened this week. If you are wondering what you can watch on this website, then you should know that it covers genres that include crime, Science, Fi-Fi, action, romance, thriller, Comedy, drama and Anime Movie.

Thank you very much. We tell everyone who is happy to receive us as news or information about this year’s film schedule and how you watch your favorite films. Hopefully we can become the best partner for you in finding recommendations for your favorite movies. That’s all from us, greetings!

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Resep Kue yoghurt kelapa dengan bahan sederhana

 "Dalam hal menyimpan bahan yang mudah rusak seperti produk susu, freezer adalah teman terbaik Anda. Susu dan yoghurt dapat disimpan dalam baki es batu dan dikeluarkan untuk digunakan dalam smoothies." - Laras Putri.


200g mentega

2 sdt kulit jeruk nipis parut halus

3/4 cangkir (165g) gula halus

3 butir telur, pada suhu normal

60g tepung semolina

1/2 cangkir (50g) tepung almond

1 1/2 cangkir (225g) tepung sebaguna

3/4 cangkir (45g) kelapa parut

180g yoghurt alami

120 ml air jeruk nipis

Whipped cream secukupnya


370g gula halus

Kulit parut halus dari 2 jeruk nipis ditambah 1 cangkir (250ml) air jeruk nipis


  1. Panaskan oven dengan suhu 180°C. Olesi loyang bulat ukuran 25 cm dan alasi alas dan sisinya dengan kertas roti.
  2. Tempatkan mentega, kulit jeruk nipis dan gula dalam mangkuk mixer menggunakan perlengkapan mixer yang dibutuhkan dan kocok selama 5-6 menit sampai pucat dan mengembang. Tambahkan telur, 1 sekaligus, dan aduk hingga tercampur.
  3. Campurkan tepung serbaguna, tepung almond, tepung dan kelapa bersama-sama dalam mangkuk dan aduk perlahan ke dalam campuran telur. Tambahkan yoghurt dan air jeruk nipis, aduk hingga rata (pastikan campuran tidak terlalu banyak bekerja). Sendokkan adonan ke dalam panci yang sudah disiapkan dan panggang selama 1 jam atau sampai berwarna keemasan di atasnya. Keluarkan dari oven, tutup dengan kertas timah dan diamkan selama 10 menit.
  4. Sementara itu, untuk sirup, campur gula dan jus dalam panci di atas api sedang, aduk hingga gula larut. Didihkan tanpa ditutup selama 5 menit atau sampai air menyusut, aduk hinga agak melarut.
  5. Tusuk lubang ke dalam kue lalu tuangkan setengah sirup panas di atasnya – itu akan diserap melalui lubang. Diamkan selama 1 jam sebelum dikeluarkan dari loyang dan dipindahkan ke rak kawat hingga benar-benar dingin.
  6. Kue yang didinginkan dengan Wipped Cream dan taburi dengan kulit jeruk nipis ekstra. Sajikan dengan sirup di sampingnya.
Setelah selesai sidangkan makanan bersama keluarga 😊